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Wow I haven't posted a journal in a while .-.

Okay so, while a lot has happened in between now and whenever the last time I posted a journal was, but nothing REALLY worth mentioning except that, myself, UCSA42909 , and blueboxfanatic now have an alternate "shared" deviantart account. We made this specifically for posting cosplay, collaborations with eachother, and other random stuff that we didn't want to post on our main accounts but all of us still like. So, you guys won't be spammed with cosplay stuff anymore, but if you LIKED seeing that stuff, then follow this account :iconsparkingboxfox: :)

Alright so.. since I don't have much else to say... I thought I'd do something kinda entertaining :dummy: Here are some stupid fun facts about some of the Flint and Steel characters. These aren't all of them, but there's a couple gems in there =P I'm omitting any spoilers though.

-REALLY low pain tolerance
-has Misophonia (a disorder that is literally fear or hatred of sound. Look it up... I can tell you first-hand that it really sucks.)
-still has his blanket from when he was little. He hides it under his pillow.
-plays the piano. Poorly.
-has nightmares frequently
-scared of guns just in general... I mean there are LOTS of things he's scared of, but the gun one is a bit strange.
-likes to wear eye-liner every now and again
-a very picky eater, but a pretty good cook
-likes his clothes to cover his neck. It's a security thing.
-it takes a LOT to make him not wear a sweater or some sort of long-sleved shirt. Again, security thing.
-rather than being claustrophobic he's actually the opposite, where he hates being in wide-open spaces. Yes this is a real thing.

-he's a pen spinner
-favorite food is Spaghetti
-can't stand certain words like "squish" and "panties"
-wears contacts
-when he wakes up in the morning he doesn't fix his hair. He walks around with bed head and it just sort of became his style.
-he keeps the engagement ring he never got the chance to give in his nightstand drawer.
-has a stalker named Cheza
-actually very stressed.
-seen as a crazy conspiracy theorist by most people
-not-so-secretly hates his job. The idea of it at least. He doesn't want anyone else being in his position, and he wants to protect the people in the city... But it really really wears on him.
-eats his hair when he's bored
-has arranged several times for Silus to get moved to a different division, but he keeps declining despite the jobs being better paying and all that. He says it's because they're "too much work". He's even tried to promote Silus just to get him out of his hair. He declined.
-has a sugar glider named Sammi
-favorite non-alcoholic drink is apple juice
-has a drinking problem, but it's rare he's able to make himself drunk.

-She's really bad with technology. There was one instance where Ridley's computer in his office broke and she swore she could fix it. Of course she ended up making it about 10x worse rendering it practically unusable. She kept swearing it was better than it was before.
-favorite drink is strawberry lemonade
-can't hold her alcohol. At all. Like, at all.
-she doesn't have to wear her cape, she just likes how it feels
-eyes go completely red when angered
-she acts like men do when she gets sick. In other words, like a big baby.
-has anger and pride issues. That was obvious though.
-she's a shipper. She ships Fidley.
-has an oddly specific fetish for tormenting little Flint. Likes seeing him in pain.

-she's a shipper, not of one pairing specifically but she does like trying to get people together
-isn't very good about picking up social cues
-doesn't have natural fear instincts, at least not very good ones.
-has a thing for chocolate chip cookies
-really bad at flying
-doesn't understand the whole discrimination thing that humans do
-she likes to talk, but is a very attentive listener
-usually can't tell when someone feels awkward
-she doesn't remember crying ever since her mother died
-she's, surprisingly, not a pacifist... At all.

-has a strange combination of a couple mutations, including albinism and Alexandria's Genesis 
-wears a thick coat of makeup, including lots of eyeshadow

-doesn't take his work seriously
-sings in the shower
-actually quite a ladies man... oddly enough...
-his relationship with Margo (Vivian) is the longest he's ever had. And it's also fake.
-doesn't drink, oddly enough
-he's pretty sickly. He's in and out of the hospital pretty often, and misses work because of it. His pride never lets him tell people about this though. As a result he recovers alone, and when he returns Ridley thinks he was being lazy and taking days off just because.
-favorite artists are Britney Spears and N'Sync
-he can dance. Really well.
-has studied in martial arts, and as a result, can actually hold his own without a weapon.

-likes role playing when no one's around
-has a sort of puppy love relationship with Vivian
-likes being up high. Vivian often finds him perched on top of the cupboard or fridge.
-doesn't know what sort of creature he is
-actually very sensitive. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily.
-gets very attached to the people he works with.
-can't pick up on what's socially acceptable and what isn't.
-LOVES the smell of Lavenders specifically
-doesn't see people outside his small group as "people". They're just bags of meat basically.
-his pupils have little spokes, making them look like cogs or gears. Again, no one knows why.

-quite aloof and irresponsible despite the first impression he gives off of being a force to be reckoned with. 
-no one has ever seen him without his green sweat jacket
-his trinket is a mask, but he doesn't like wearing it unless necessary.
-when he's bored he'll play really stupid games with Dhaka.
-he's terrified of Vivian, but would NEVER ever let her know.
-He'd sooner get heat-stroke than take of his jacket while in public.

Eh, that's all for now. I'mma go do my homework now .-. God bless! :D
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Hey everybody! I'm in need of points... as you probably noticed... These points will go towards comissions, adoptables, future contests, ect. =)

Plz? :iconpointslaplz:


art trades: only if I ask YOU
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stuff people owe meh (no rush, just keeping track)

short story from :icontaylordaisy: (paid)
Melanie an Scourge sketch from :iconfreeflyingbird: (no payment required)
Melanie request from :iconlamlarts: (no payment required)
Scourge TD icon commission from :iconwinter-soldi3r: (not paid)
1 chibi from :iconzulukittens: (paid)
Melanie dragon sketch from :iconnatashaboucher2: not paid

I know there's some I'm forgetting XD

ALL ART FOR ME IS FEATURED ON MY PAGE. I'm also thinking about providing links to them on my character's profiles =D


Firedrake and the Cartoon Dragons gang for :iconfiredrake150: (sketch attempted many times)
:iconstar2behold: digital picture of Luna
Comic with Mark and Anna "playing" minecraft :iconbiocoal: (not started)

The sketch always takes the longest ^^;

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