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Character Refs

Flint Spektor Ref by MtfoxX3
Melanie Gemstone Ref by MtfoxX3
Ridley Ref (Updated) by MtfoxX3
Dhaka Ref by MtfoxX3
Vivian Reference Sheet by MtfoxX3
Kijo Ref by MtfoxX3
Silus Bristow Ref by MtfoxX3
Silverwing by MtfoxX3

Amazing art for me! :D <3

MtFoxX3 Icon by SolusNox .:Art Trade - Silius Bristow:. by Chiibe
Does Ridley ever just by FuHia8000 Arnold the... goat dinosaur. by TheSkyFursona Arnald by MixItPixIt
There Can Only be One [CrossOver/FanArt] by WarriorRainyDay The Rabbit King by Artzipants Fan Art: Vivian by LemonBlesser Vivian by MixItPixIt
Silus Pusheen by IvyInBlossom [CM] Fabolus by Cylithren Flint and steel by IvyInBlossom i am a scavenger by asterai
Manipulations by FuHia8000 So? :Gift: by NooDot Fan art (mtfoxX3) by Frostfur3000 Silus sketches  by shoelazy
Casually doodling someone elses ocs by Todd-Cog : JD Comm : MtfoxX3 by Homohelvetti Silus Fan Art (cat because i cant draw humans) by IvyInBlossom :thumb525156755: Flint Fanart by IvyInBlossom Art Trade: Ridley Vs. Vivian by TigersharkFreak Silus Bristow ST by Kagay Fire fire! -fan art- by firstarfan20
Silus by blueboxfanatic So... Remind me what day it is today? by FritzyBeat Commission for MtfoxX3 by liaillii
Flint and Steel Art Dump by UCSA42909 Silius by keyace Cause I'm Fabulous by Feral-Spirit Ridley by Caffinated-Pinecone
Ocs by blueboxfanatic Art trade with MtfoxX3Dragonfire sighed as his paw touched the warm sand. He could feel that Aurora, who stood beside him, had the same feeling. The two dragons walked down to the sea over the warm sand. Dragonfire  gave Aurora a quick glance over again. Everytime he looked at her he saw something different than he had seen in her years ago. Earlier, he had held for only a brutal female dragon. But today it was different. Aurora woke him from his thoughts as she said. "Well, here we are. Beautiful, do not you think?" Dragonfire nodded almost instantly. "I think so love." Around Aurora's lips played a small smile while the two of them walked down the warm sand. Dragonfire spread a warm blanket over the sand of  the beach and built on umbrella. Aurora lay in the meantime on the ceiling and looked at the sea, she said." Dragonfire, can you put some sun cream my back?" Dragonfire nodded, then sat down beside her and pulled out the sun cream. He made some on both paws, rubbed them together and Five Nights at...Nope! by ChibiChibiWoofWoof Sidley vs. Fidley by UCSA42909
Ridley's Contact pg3 by UCSA42909 Ridley's Contact pg2 by UCSA42909 Ridley's Contact pg1 by UCSA42909 Vivian by blueboxfanatic
I am the Prey by UCSA42909 A Very Vivian Birthday by thereallinebyline Happy Birthday, Max! by Jessica-Rae-3 Vivian The Dragon - Head shot points comission by naysu Dwagons by FritzyBeat Unlimited Force
Warning: Contains pure awesomness and Stars Wars nerd themes along with romance and other forms of coolness!
To Madi (MtfoxX3)-Happy Birthday and I guess Merry Christmas too!!!! I hope you had a special day, and I'm thankful for the friends who reminded me it was your birthday and helped me make this possible. You've been a special friend, and I'm honored to know ya. Keep up the awesome artwork and just being a kind and supportive force here on DA! Thank you for your care and friendship to me, it's been a blessing! Enjoy the story. I hope that you don't mind Star Wars themed ha-ha!
I also want to give a BIG HUGGING THANKS to DANINJAMAN for helping me type this up :). He's awesome and I urge you to go look at his cool profile! Love you Steven!

The metal sounded like a thousand little shards of glass were shattering, as the water droplets pelted the dark shuttle. Small, little hisses rang from the acidic rain that pounded on the hull. The shuttle flew across the yellow-tinted sky,
Commission 6: Melanie and Silverwing by KASAnimation journal doll commission mtfoxX3 by AElOU Request - Authority by soso0197 -PC- Making a Soup, Do you wanna taste by Cittyy


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Give me your art powers please. ;^;
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Journal History

Flint and Steel Shipping

Sat Jan 23, 2016, 4:55 PM

HEYA. REMEMBER LAST YEAR WHEN WE DID THIS? NO? HERE  Let's have some fun with shippingAaaaalright! So Valentine's day is in about a month, and I thought that we could have a bit of fun with this. 
So, here's what we're gonna do: CRACK SHIPPING!!! :icondummydanceplz: 
What to do:
-In the comments below, leave me a comment with two characters FROM FLINT AND STEEL that you want to crack ship. 
-I will select a few of the ships to illustrate in one big drawing that I will submit on Valentine's day.
-I will, sadly, not be allowing characters to be shipped that do not solely belong to me :( Sorry guys... I know a few of you have your characters in the series, and while seeing them shipped with one of my characters might be fun for you and me, it wouldn't really be fun for everyone since odds are not everyone is familiar with them... >.< Not to mention there are a few characters floating around that people seem to think are in the series or something but are really not and I don't want any of that kind of controversy on my hands.... Sorry D:

Valnetine's day is coming up and so, like last year..... Let's have a little fun with it :3c Basically what I want you guys to do, is comment below with some "crack ships" for Flint and Steel that you would like to see me draw. What is a "crack ship"? By my definition: any ship that has not been confirmed as canon. I will select a few, and on Valentine's day I will post a compilation of the few ships that I selected, drawn out. 

Here is last year's compilation: V-Day Crack Shipping :D by MtfoxX3 (wow look at that old art *pukes*)

ALRIGHT SO here are the rules, about the same as last year:

-You may ONLY use characters from the canon Flint and Steel universe (list is below)
-You may suggest more than one pairing
-You may suggest specifics (for example, Silus x Ridley holding hands, Kijo x Vivian in dragon form)
-I will not draw anything that could be considered NSFW, or, PG-13+
-Since this is going to be stupid anyways, you may suggest ships with... inanimate objects. For example: Silus x mirror, Ridley x oven mitts. As long as the character is one belonging to the canon Flint and Steel universe, knock yourself out.
-Just because you suggest it, that doesn't mean I'll do it.

List of shipable characters
Ridley Drake
Silus Bristow
Flint Spektor
Melanie Gemstone
Arthur Myers

Have fun .D. I can't believe we're doing this again.

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Just call me Max
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hey ya'll! I am just a young student hopefully working towards majoring in animation. I specialize in a more cartoony style that is rather... um... unique... I still have a LOT to learn about art and animation, but I'm happy to do so.

I am also working on my own... um... I guess we'll just call it a "series", called Flint and Steel. It's still in the works and I've put a good 3 years of my life into it thus far, and I want to continue developing it and... maybe... possibly.... eventually make my own cartoon from it :D A long shot, yeah... but a girl can dream! The majority of the artwork posted here will revolve around the world of Flint and Steel.


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Hey everybody! I'm in need of points... as you probably noticed... These points will go towards comissions, adoptables, future contests, ect. =)

Plz? :iconpointslaplz:


Art Trades: Ask me, but I'm picky (please don't be offended if I don't accept D: )
Commissions: OPEN (but the slots are full at the moment) :…
Requests: CLOSED

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Amazing art for me! :D <3

Animation Commission for MtFoxX3 by TheRiskTiger Dragon Stare Down by xAshleyMx He's dead by FuHia8000 :PC: MtfoxX3 by Tycusha Chibis by Askila-Wa-Ikikaeru Flint by RawkieHawkie42 Evening Errands by NyxIntuneric Dah Gangs All Herrrrre - Flint and Steel by PixeledEmily Idk by FritzyBeat Commission: Halloween Kijo Doll by TigersharkFreak Flint Spektor by Sora-Katcher :CO: bun by swampertite : COMM : MtfoxX3 by Homohelvetti Time's Up by PeculiarChildofGod Flintibi by LionMushrooms City Battle--Commission for MtfoxX3 by MadMarchHare Pulling the Strings by FuHia8000 Flent by LemonBlesser Arnold is Complicated... by LemonBlesser -Melanie- Happy birthday Max! by IvyInBlossom Vivian Headshot [lineless] by TheSkyFursona Tries to hold straight face.jpeg by codywife1 gift for MtFoxX3 by Jacethecat123 Birthday Gift for MtfoxX3 by Jacethecat123 Vivian by dwinkylen Flint Spektor by GoGreenDalmatian Vivian~ Gift for MtfoxX3 by ShadowCatOwO

I have a lot of doodles floating on my computer. Naturally I'd only post the "better" ones, but would you guys wanna see those or just wait for bigger stuff? 

20 deviants said Post the doodles frequently
18 deviants said Post the doodles every once in a while
7 deviants said Post the doodles in scraps
No deviants said Continue only posting "nicer" stuff


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