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...Protested my church today.

Made my week.

(I'm assuming it's okay to publicize this because it's not exactly a secret...)

For those of you who may not know, the Westboro Baptist Church is... well.... alright I'm not going to sugar coat it. The Westboro Baptist Church is an incredibly hateful and hypocritical "christian" organization which protests gatherings and establishments in the name of their skewed perspective on Christianity. Some of their targets have been: news organizations, major media events, other churches, and military funerals (I kid you not). I hope I'm not stepping on toes when I say this but, this organization is absolutely disgusting. I mean just go to their website... it's horrible. They bash violently on everyone who doesn't conform to their specific set of "rules" (that I think they'd be hard-pressed to find Biblical evidence to support), and they are giving Christians an even worse name than they have already...

To clear things up about how Christians SHOULD act and are CALLED to act (WARNING PREACHY RELIGIOUS RANT), we are supposed to be loving to everyone, and accepting of everyone regardless of what they've done, because NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH IS SINLESS. Christians are SUPPOSED to set an example that will cause people to WANT to know more, and to WANT to be like them. Christians are supposed to love everyone, but hate the sin... but where many get mixed up is when the fail to separate the sin from the person. People who go out and tell sinners they're "going to hell" or anything that could even potentially hurt a person in the name of Christianity is wrong. We're called to speak life into people's lives, and not death. We should make people aware of their sins if they aren't aware of them and the damage they're causing, but in a way that is gentle, humble, and loving, and that is all... we're supposed to trust that God will do the rest once we've "planted the seed".

Groups of so-called "Christians" like the WBC disgust me to say the least. Not only do they go against everything that Christianity is based off of, but they scare people away from Christianity. 

Sorry I'll get of my religious soap box now. :dummy:

So what happened this morning? 

Well I found out this morning that there were going to be protesters coming to my church, and I got a little curious. I later found out from my dad (who is one of the pastors) that it was the Westboro Baptist Church who was doing the protesting... and I just started laughing and ran outside to go see. 

It was the best thing I've seen all week.

Seriously it was hilarious. There were like 5 little protesters from the WBC holding up offensive signs in front of our church's sign, and, I kid you not, there were at LEAST 50 anti-protesters who weren't even related to our church who just showed up and started protesting the protesters (both my dad and I got it on film actually but I don't know if I'll put it up >.< just for my own security's sake... I dunno I might later judging by the response). They had flags and banners, supporters of the LGBT community and military groups... THEN the cops showed up! These protesters must not have lasted more than 20 minutes before all the anti-protesters and cops scared them off. They just walked away all ashamed as the dozens of anti-protesters cheered and sang (like literally sang. I caught it on the video. They were seriously singing that "na na na na, he-ey-ey gooodbyyye" song. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.) and I stood there laughing hysterically.

I'm not worried about my church don't worry. If anything, all this did was put it in a better light with the community, judging by the immense response :) But it really was a.... well... I suppose you could call it an "incredible" experience. First of all the whole situation was almost surreal, since I had no IDEA that the Westboro Baptist Church would even venture all the way out here to protest (apparently there are a few more churches in the area on their protesting "checklist" before they shove off, but if they go anything like how this one did, I have a feeling they'll be going home a lot sooner than they anticipated XD), but I never expected them to be chased away like they were. 

And if you're curious about WHY they protested our church, it was because:
-We have female pastors (my mother was one of them for a while :lol: )
-We "support gay marriage" (for the record, nothing has ever been said in the church that would "support" gay marriage, but we don't discriminate against people who support it or who are homosexual or anything like that. Everyone is treated equally in our church, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. because there's no reason they should be treated differently. I'm guessing that the WBC just didn't like that we DON'T tell the LGBT community they're "going to hell" and that we welcome them in our church readily XD) 

I might delete the journal later, in fact I probably will, I just found it kinda relevant in light of current events. Topical, ya know? :dummy:

I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes or seemed to ranty, or said anything wrong. Please, feel free to correct any "facts" I got wrong (I didn't do a whole lot of research on the organization itself after all, so I could very well be wrong, Plus, it's late and I'm tired so I could have easily typed something I didn't mean to), or ask me any questions if something wasn't clear or if you wanna know more about the situation and the viewpoints presented. 

That's all for now ya'll, g'night! ^^
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