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Before you ask, no, nothing happened. I'm fine, I've been fine, nothing has happened recently with any friends of mine that caused me to feel the need to write this. However, this is just an opinion I want to share, because I suppose I feel rather... trapped... For lack of a better term... Thinking that I'm the only one or close to the only one that feels this way, and as a result I feel very vulnerable, and susceptible to what I'm going to be discussing here.

Once again, I am fine. This is not a vent. This is not a vague. This is just me getting my opinion out there. I am open to debate and discussion, as always. This is just an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. I don't believe opinions in and of themselves or the expression of them in ways such as this should ever be perceived as personal attacks. I would write a whole essay about my thoughts on the expression of opinion to better clarify my standing on this, but that's a discussion for another time. Just know you're free as always to express your opinion with me, even if it's conflicting with my own. I will not attack you, ever, unless you blatantly strike first.

I don't like feeling scared. Nobody does. That goes without saying. But callout posts, be them through DA journals, tumblr, twitter, or in the form of a YouTube video, scare me. Not all of them, of course, but enough of them to warrant me writing this journal.
Now before I continue let's address the elephant in the room: TJ. The only person I ever have, and likely ever will, make anything resembling a "callout" about. Now, feel free to disagree with me, but this is why something like what I did with TJ doesn't ruffle me in the way most callout posts do.
-He was blatantly threatening people's lives, telling them to kill themselves, spamming people's pages, manipulating people, stalking people, harassing people, and did all of these things to pretty much anyone that didn't sing his praises. So... to pretty much everyone he talked to.
-He was fully aware of the fact that he was hurting people, and it was obvious that hurting people was his intention.
-At no point was there any debate whether or not he was in the right. There were no "sides". There were no conflicting opinions. There was no room for misinterpretation of the situation. He was clearly hurting people, knew he was hurting people, and was trying to hurt people. End of story.
-My post was meant not with the intention of slandering him, but with the intention of informing people. The only time people were hurt by his actions were when they didn't know about him. Once people knew that this was just how he acted, and his death threats were a copy-pasted dime a dozen, he stopped being scary. I posted my video with that in mind. It felt irresponsible for me to do nothing, when I could actually help people, since all I had to do was inform them to keep them safe.

If you don't know about the thing with TJ, tell me in the comments and I'll provide you with 3 links (my 1 video and my 2 follow up journals) that should cover the situation.

I have since this, actually been asked by a few people to make more callout posts, and I refused. I did and succeeded with what I set out to do. Doing anything more would have made me a hypocrite, and raised dead drama unnecessarily. Each time I've brought it up since the video has not been to make "further callouts". The first time was just to get DA involved in something that I had talked about only on YouTube, because the problem was getting bigger. The second journal addressed when TJ had attacked the people that were supporting me, and I felt the need to inform people about what was happening to, again, keep them safe, because brushing it aside when he was insulting and threatening the people who specifically were supporting and standing up for me, would have been irresponsible.

Alright, we got that covered? We good? We cool? If you need more convincing read below and you'll see why I feel this was justified. If not leave a comment and we can discuss it. 

Alright now to the meat of this thing

Just so you don't have to go searching for this whole thing just to figure out what my opinion on callouts is, I'll just say it here in short:

In most cases I don't like them.

There. That's my opinion. If you want to understand further WHY I feel this way then go ahead and keep reading ^^ (and if you plan on debating with me about this in the comments I also recommend you keep reading just so I don't have to re-state what I said here and we can start on a different note and discuss different points).

Alright, here's my problem with callouts.

Typically, TYPICALLY, not all the time of course but TYPICALLY, the callouts I'm going to be talking about here are based on one or multiple of a few things:
-Difference in opinion
-A negative personal experience with the subject of the callout
-A need to vent frustrations
-Conflicting morals

In short the callouts are based on... well... matters of opinion. Whether or not the person is in the wrong or not is up for debate, but people are saying they are in a way that could possibly ruin them. I'm just going to say it right now: A difference in opinion, worldviews, religion, culture, upbringing, etc. is NOT a good reason to make a callout. 

Here is my opinion on opinions.

A difference of opinion is NEVER a reason to publicly slander someone. 

Even if the person is completely rude about their opinion, it is not a reason to make a callout.

Everyone has the opinions that they do FOR A REASON. They aren't just born opinionated. Their life, how they're brought up, their experiences, their education, the social class, their family life, their online life, who they choose to associate with, their research, etc. are all things that can and do shape people's opinions. Attacking someone on the basis of a difference of opinion or worldview is petty and incredibly narrowminded. A person with a different opinion than you is not a monster. Like I said, their opinions didn't just come to exist. They probably came to have their opinions the same way you did. You don't have to like their opinions, no of course you don't! But to go so far as to attack someone, or to "warn" people about someone because of a difference of opinion? That is selfish, immature, and quite frankly you should be ashamed of yourself for completely invalidating this person and their experiences.

I don't care if everything they stand for goes DIRECTLY against everything you stand for. I don't care if they trample on your views. I don't care if you think they're "part of (insert group here)" or are creating/encouraging (insert problem here). Their opinion is their opinion, and they have it for a reason. It might be ridiculous, but you know what, it's how they think. Unwatch them, block them, rant to your friends in private, whatever. But DO NOT TAKE THIS TO THE PUBLIC. Be the bigger person. Let people form their own views. It's not up to you to protect them from "the big bad ___ist".

A bad personal experience is not a reason to make a callout either, in most cases.

If you just had a run in with someone and your experience with them was negative for one reason or another, then that is unfortunate, and I'm sorry, but keep it private. That experience WAS personal. You don't need to bring it to the public. Don't rally people against someone because you personally had it rough, and you are now salty at this person for whatever they did to you. I'll go into this more below because this IS a bit of a grey area I will admit, but again, unless a person was INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO DO YOU HARM, keyword there is "intentional", keep it between you and whoever the situation directly involved. If you really need to, inform friends about what happened if you think they too could be potentially in danger of being hurt by this person, then go ahead. But do not bring it to the public. As I will talk about more below, you don't know what the long-term repercussions of a callout will be for either you, or for the subject of the callout.

Another problem I have with most callouts is that it creates fear, and ultimately division.

When a typical callout is made against someone, it usually will end up drawing a line between "two sides". Those for and those against the subject of the callout. Now people who may not have taken issue with this person before, may suddenly come out and start attacking them, and those who support them, and vice versa. In addition, people now become that much more afraid to express themselves, be it on this topic in particular (because they now have an entire group of people that will likely attack them should they take either side), or on a similar topic, because they're afraid of getting a callout themselves. Heck I can't tell you how nervous I am about posting this journal because it's expressing my own personal views, which... is something I kinda like to avoid doing, FOR THE REASON THAT I DON'T WANT TO HAVE A CALLOUT BECAUSE SOMEONE DIDN'T AGREE WITH ME.

Do you see how silly this is? Do you see how this... is kinda terrifying? How someone can't even express themselves without worrying about people coming to them in droves, threatening them or making callouts about them to get more and more people rallied against them, maybe people who didn't even have a problem with them before the callout came about?

Callouts, whether the intention is to ruin someone's life or just protect the people reading them, will almost always have a negative effect on the person who is receiving the callout. In some cases, it can ruin people's lives, online or otherwise, depending on how well-known the callout becomes. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE MAKING A CALLOUT. You DON'T know what the long-term repercussions of slandering someone's name online could be. Many employers these days will actually check people's social media accounts when considering whether or not to hire them. If they do that and see all these callouts, false or not, while some might brush them aside, most probably won't, even if it's just for the fact that they now know this person has some sort of controversy surrounding them. Why bother with that?

Now do you really want to ruin someone's life because of whatever it is they did?



And the thing about callouts in general, is that they... tend to fall under the principal of "guilty until proven innocent". This means that if you make a callout on someone, even if it is COMPLETELY and utterly false and was just made due to a personal vendetta you had against a person, you will have people on your side. Even if it's a small number, that callout is going to hang over that person's head until they go out of their way to disprove all of the points you've made. And even then, they may not be able to. It never TRULY goes away once it's there. Even if you yourself come out later saying that you were wrong in calling that person out, odds are there is still going to be at least one person that still has a negative outlook on the person you talked about, just because the callout was made in the first place. 

I've seen it happen many times before where people have made callouts, only to come out a few days later and apologize to the person who was the subject of the callout. But the thing is, all the while that was going on, that person/those people were receiving threats, slander, harassment, losing friends and followers, and overall division was caused because of this callout. That doesn't just go away once the callout is "retracted". Once that callout is made about someone, there is nothing either side can do to truly make it go away, no matter how much they try.

Again, consider this. Is it worth it? Is it truly?

Alright last point.


As I addressed above, I once too made something resembling a "callout", on TJ animations. But why I did is because there was no two ways about what he was doing being wrong. There was no difference in opinion, there was no "two sides", nothing like that. The bottom line, is that this person was intentionally hurting people, doing things that were illegal (sending threats and harassment), and the only way to keep people from being hurt, was to inform people about this person. 

So then, there are times when a callout is okay?


If what the person is doing is illegal, then what they are doing is deservent of a callout, because you actually ARE protecting people from a potentially dangerous person. There are no sides, there is no morality in question, personal experience is not important, and the intention is simply to inform people about someone who has proven to be dangerous on a universal level. 

So, before writing a callout, consider the following:

Is what this person is doing illegal/could it get them arrested? This includes things like: death threats, sexual harassment, blatant theft, etc.


Go ahead and write that callout! You're doing people a favor by informing them to stay away from a potentially dangerous criminal. Just make sure you're in your right mind when making it, not including any personal bias, and staying on the topic of trying to warn/inform, rather than give this person a bad name.


Don't do it. Odds are this is a matter of differences in opinion or views or customs, or a personal squabble. Even if it's not, this is something that should be handled privately between yourself, the person, and whoever the situation directly involves, if it even needs to be handled at all. Don't ruin someone's life because you had a bad experience.

Alright now here's the one thing that I have a feeling people might ask me about.

What about sharing of abuse stories?

Alright, admittedly, I don't know enough about this to be able to form a proper viewpoint. So, feel free to debate me on this (just please be respectful. Again I won't attack you for having a different opinion on this! But if you come here obviously talking down to me and insulting me, my patience is going to wear thin very quickly). Each case is VERY different, and the intentions of each case will usually be different. But just in general, I would say if someone is sharing a story of their abuse, for whatever the reason, it is okay, AS LONG AS NO NAMES ARE MENTIONED. Again though, if what this person did to you would be considered illegal (blatant harassment sexual or otherwise, threatening you, etc.) then yeah, go ahead and share the name if you think that it's going to keep people safe, and you aren't just sharing the name to get people rallied against this person. Remember, this is the public internet, not family and friends. Don't get strangers involved for no reason. But if what they did just hurt you personally, be it because of personal experiences or problems, or for other reasons, keep it private, both for your safety, and for the safety of the person you're talking about. Remember, there are going to be two sides. So while some people will be on your side, some won't be. And I'm sure that the last thing anyone wants, is for people debating them on whether their "abuse" was valid or not. 
Again, just like everything, there are exceptions to this. I'm speaking generally.

Alright I.... I think that's everything. Again, if you read all of this and disagree with me, that is perfectly fine! I totally understand. This is my own personal opinion that I have for my own personal reasons. Of course not everyone is going to think the same way I do. I just wanted to get this off my chest for multiple reasons, mostly to clear the air. Callouts are something that really, really scare me for whatever reason, and it's because they can happen for literally any reason these days. I just wanted to express my take on it, in hopes that I'm not the only one that thinks this is... kinda.... not so great.

That's all ^^ Next journal will be much lighter I promise .D. 

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