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Character Refs

Flint Spektor Ref by MtfoxX3
Melanie Gemstone Ref by MtfoxX3
Ridley Ref (Updated) by MtfoxX3
Dhaka Ref by MtfoxX3
Vivian Reference Sheet by MtfoxX3
Kijo Ref by MtfoxX3
Silus Bristow Ref by MtfoxX3
Silverwing by MtfoxX3

Awesome art for meeee! :D

Casually doodling someone elses ocs by RomanoSconeScout: JD Comm : MtfoxX3 by Homohelvetti Silus Fan Art (cat because i cant draw humans) by IvyInBlossom Silus by Arachin Flint Fanart by IvyInBlossomArt Trade: Ridley Vs. Vivian by TigersharkFreak Silus Bristow ST by Kagay Fire fire! -fan art- by firstarfan20
Silus by blueboxfanatic Vivian by blueboxfanatic Commission batch-001 by StarryNight-Skye So... Remind me what day it is today? by FritzyBeat
Flint and Steel Art Dump by UCSA42909 Silius by keyace Commission for MtfoxX3 by liaillii Cause I'm Fabulous by Feral-Spirit Ridley by Caffinated-Pinecone
Ocs by blueboxfanatic Art trade with MtfoxX3Dragonfire sighed as his paw touched the warm sand. He could feel that Aurora, who stood beside him, had the same feeling. The two dragons walked down to the sea over the warm sand. Dragonfire  gave Aurora a quick glance over again. Everytime he looked at her he saw something different than he had seen in her years ago. Earlier, he had held for only a brutal female dragon. But today it was different. Aurora woke him from his thoughts as she said. "Well, here we are. Beautiful, do not you think?" Dragonfire nodded almost instantly. "I think so love." Around Aurora's lips played a small smile while the two of them walked down the warm sand. Dragonfire spread a warm blanket over the sand of  the beach and built on umbrella. Aurora lay in the meantime on the ceiling and looked at the sea, she said." Dragonfire, can you put some sun cream my back?" Dragonfire nodded, then sat down beside her and pulled out the sun cream. He made some on both paws, rubbed them together and Five Nights at...Nope! by ChibiChibiWoofWoof Sidley vs. Fidley by UCSA42909
Ridley's Contact pg3 by UCSA42909 Ridley's Contact pg2 by UCSA42909 Ridley's Contact pg1 by UCSA42909 I am the Prey by UCSA42909 A Very Vivian Birthday by thereallinebyline Happy Birthday, Max! by Jessica-Rae-3 Vivian The Dragon - Head shot points comission by naysu Dwagons by FritzyBeat Unlimited Force
Warning: Contains pure awesomness and Stars Wars nerd themes along with romance and other forms of coolness!
To Madi (MtfoxX3)-Happy Birthday and I guess Merry Christmas too!!!! I hope you had a special day, and I'm thankful for the friends who reminded me it was your birthday and helped me make this possible. You've been a special friend, and I'm honored to know ya. Keep up the awesome artwork and just being a kind and supportive force here on DA! Thank you for your care and friendship to me, it's been a blessing! Enjoy the story. I hope that you don't mind Star Wars themed ha-ha!
I also want to give a BIG HUGGING THANKS to DANINJAMAN for helping me type this up :). He's awesome and I urge you to go look at his cool profile! Love you Steven!

The metal sounded like a thousand little shards of glass were shattering, as the water droplets pelted the dark shuttle. Small, little hisses rang from the acidic rain that pounded on the hull. The shuttle flew across the yellow-tinted sky,
Commission 6: Melanie and Silverwing by PokemonNightFury journal doll commission mtfoxX3 by AElOU Request - Authority by soso0197 -PC- Making a Soup, Do you wanna taste by Cittyy Tegemi by Skyspiritwolf Character Creation: Vivian
Character Profile
Hey everyone. This is a Character Biography Commission for MtfoxX3/Madi. I hope that it's to your liking so thanks for reading!
Character Name:
Vivian Gemstone
Character Description:
Vivian, in her normal dragon form, stands at about eight feet tall from floor to the top of her muzzle. She’s roughly about fifteen to eighteen feet long and her full wingspan is close to ten feet.  All of her body is either skin or fur, and doesn't have any scales or armor on it naturally. Most of her skin across her body is a dark, violet shade. She has a thin layer of fur going down her back which is the color of crimson, but her bangs and the hair that comes up to her head is actually white. Vivian also has body plates or chest “scales”, that are sort of like special patterned skin that runs from the base of her neck, under her stomach, to the end of her tail. Here, where the skin meets these belly plates are thin little lines of


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Fun With Character Development

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 1:34 PM

Hey guys ^^ So, I'm not saying this to sound narcissistic, but, a decent number of people recently have told me how much they like my characters... and, while I don't think for a moment that my characters are perfect, I do know that I employed certain strategies in creating and developing them that a lot of people usually don't. How I develop my characters are by doing things to them, thinking about them certain ways, and putting them in certain situations that would seem insignificant to a character's development... but, surprisingly, has actually really helped it. 

The reasoning behind why the methods (I'll provide something below) work, is because it forces the character's creator to think about their characters like actual people. Conceiving seemingly insignificant details about your characters will, if you do it enough, make them come off as more realistic, more relatable, and usually more likable. My friends and I have used this method to develop our characters, and with pretty good results if I may say... so, I decided to create a meme that might help put characters into these little situations that would help their development. Don't get me wrong, big events that drastically change a character and their thoughts/personality are very important! But it's important not to overlook the little details either. Little things that we as people go through every day are, sorta what define us, arguably more than the big events, because the little things are happening all the time.

That being said, I devised a number of questions below that you might be able to answer about your characters :) If not, make up an answer that you think might potentially fit them! These are questions my friends and I have asked each other back and forth about our characters, and not only did we have fun with it, but we made some pretty cool characters from it! :dummy: These questions are going to seem silly, and insignificant, but.... just stick with it :la:

Again, one last disclaimer, I don't think my characters are perfect. I rightfully refer to them as garbage on a regular basis, and I mean that. But, I just thought I would share my method for development with the people who happen to like my characters :) I don't think any less of your or your characters if you use some other method for development of course! There are SO many ways to develop your characters. This is my method ^^ (plus it's really fun :dummy: )

Also, I realize that a lot of you guys have characters who these questions wouldn't apply to, at least not in their canon universe. If this is the case, just make it up as if they did apply. The answers to these questions should only serve to develop your characters, and don't really have to make sense canonically =P For example, if the character is put in a situation where they're in a car, but they're an animal and can't drive, just pretend they can for the sake of this :lol: 

These questions are formulated in a way that would warrant a third person response, but you can also answer them from the first person of your character (I don't think it will make much of a difference, as long as the characters don't take themselves so seriously that they don't answer the question).

Example: How does your character react to seeing their crush just, in a normal setting?
Silus (character I'm using) would react to seeing Ridley (his crush) by literally dropping what he's doing, and following him... Regardless of whether or not Ridley is aware of his presence. 

Example 2: How does your character react to the ending of Old Yeller?
Ridley had to "go to the bathroom" ... ... to cry. He cried for the rest of the night.


1. How does your character act when getting a shot at the doctor's office?

2. How does your character react to getting to eat their favorite food?

3. It's a slow day at work. All your character has is a mug, a phone, a few paper clips, a pencil, and paper. How do they pass the time?

4. How does your character react to the ending of Old Yeller (or some other sad family movie)?

5. The only things on TV are Glee, Spongebob, My Little Pony, and various game shows. What do they watch?

6, What was their favorite band when they were little? Now?

7. Their favorite song just came on in their car radio! What do they do?

8. What was their favorite cartoon as a child?

9. Their favorite character in their favorite show just died brutally!!! What do they do?

10. Their mother just caught them on their computer and they had to close the window really quickly. What were they doing?

11. How do they like their pancakes?

12. Oops! Something scandalous just popped up on the computer screen! What do they do? 

13. What awkward... thing... did they have in junior high (acne, braces, Naruto sugoi desu kawaii phase, etc.)

14. If they were to speak another language, what would it be?

15. Uh oh, their boss just came in to their office and proceeds to yell at them for something they didn't do. What do they do?

16. They're eating lunch and suddenly the attractive waitress/waiter catches their eye. How do they get their attention? Does it work?

17. They haven't seen their parents in years and they're going to visit. What's the first thing that comes out of their mouth when they get there?

18. They decide to go to Disneyland! What's the first ride they go for?

19. They're at Disneyland and the fireworks start!... but they're on the other side of the park... What do they do?

20. They just old nasty touched the gum under their table. How do they react?

21. There's a spider in the bathroom. What do they do?

22. Briefly describe your character's morning routine.

23. They just received a text from an unknown number that says to meet them at the park tonight... what do they do?

24. They're playing Five Nights at Freddys. What do they do/how do they play?

25. They decide to make an account on some sort of social media site. What site is it (DA, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, etc.) and what kind of stuff do they post?

26. They went on YouTube and found a review harshly criticizing their favorite movie. What comment do they leave on the video?

27. Their neighbor's dog just ripped up their flowerbed!! D: What do they do?

28. They receive an anonymous letter from a "secret lover". What do they do/how do they react?

29. They go to the pet store to buy their first pet. What do they buy?

30. Someone rudely bumps into them at the grocery store, making them drop their groceries. What do they do?

31. Their crush just invited them to diner! :D What do they do?

32. Little kid time: They got lost in the grocery store and can't find their mom. What do they do?

33. They overhear some gossip that they're obviously not supposed to. What do they do?

34. The drier just ate their favorite (insert random article of clothing), what do they do?

35. A storm's a' brewin outside! Thunder, lightning, hail, all that stuff. What do they do?

36. They're with their friend(s) and someone makes a terrible pun. What do they do?

37. They dropped their ice cream D: How do they react?

38. April fools day! What prank do they pull?

39. How does your character sleep? Any quirks?

40. What music do they listen to while cleaning the house? ... Do they do any special dances...?

41. How does your character react to running into a sliding glass door?

42. Your character just stepped on a butterfly! D: How do they react?

43. An old lady needs help crossing the street, but your character is in a hurry.. what do they do?

44. Someone who is obviously drunk walks up to them and starts trying to make conversation. What does your character do?

45. Girl scouts just came to the door wanting them to buy cookies! What does your character do?

If anyone likes these, I have a LOT more questions for couples than I do for individual characters. If you want to hear those (I find those more fun anyways), I can write them down in a future journal ^^ (but make sure you tell me otherwise I probably won't do it).
I'm not going to tag anyone to do these because I want it to be voluntary and fun... but, please do if you want to! :la: I'd love to see your responses! ^^

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I am also working on my own... um... I guess we'll just call it a "series", called Flint and Steel. It's still in the works and I've put a good 3 years of my life into it thus far, and I want to continue developing it and... maybe... possibly.... eventually make my own cartoon from it :D A long shot, yeah... but a girl can dream! The majority of the artwork posted here will revolve around the world of Flint and Steel.


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